Takara Tomy vs Hasbro Beyblades - A Summary of Differences

Takara Tomy vs Hasbro Beyblades - A Summary of Differences

This article is written for folks who are new to beyblades. If you are already a pro beyblader, this may not be very useful.

Before jumping into the topic of Takara Tomy vs Hasbro beyblades, a brief history lesson is a must. Beyblades were first designed by Takara in Japan in 1999. Tomy acquired Takara, merging the two names together in 2006. Takara Tomy, in its core, is a beyblade company. Various companies around the world have licensed these beyblades; Hasbro is, of course, the one in the US. Hasbro designs their own beyblades - so even if the beyblade name is same, the design and features are different.

Before going into details between the differences, let me just warn you that I am a little biased towards Takara Tomy, perhaps because I own more of them.  However, I am not going to suggest which beyblades are better; rather this article aims at identifying some basic differences between Takara Tomy and Hasbro beyblades. Beyblading with either of them is super exciting and entertaining.

Beyblade Components

To understand the difference between different beyblades, first let me briefly describe the parts of a beyblade. A beyblade has 3 parts – Layer (or Energy Layer), Forge disk and a tip (or performance tip). Forge disks are replaced with Chassis in some beyblades but let’s go into that later. Forge Disc determines the weight of the beyblade and tip determines the balance of the beyblade. Basically every single component matters to the quality of the beyblade. Below picture (Hasbro Drain Fafnir) has those 3 components marked. Needless to mention, all beyblades have parts that are choking hazard and hence, kids <3 years shouldn’t be allowed to play with them.



Comparison of Takara Tomy vs Hasbro

Availability and Price

Let’s get the basic out of the way first. Hasbro is the authorized beyblade manufacturer in the US. All Takara Tomy beyblades come from Japan and get distributed by various suppliers. The prices for Takara Tomy beyblades tend to run higher compared to an equivalent Hasbro beyblade due to various reasons – materials used, overall quality of the beyblade and some small impact due to import. For reasonable prices on Takara Tomy beyblades, you can check out https://beybladebonanza.com.

Hasbro beyblades might be easier to buy in the US but there are plenty of suppliers supplying Takara Tomy beyblades. When buying a beyblade, especially Takara Tomy ones, please ensure to pay attention to shipping cost. Hasbro is usually 6 months behind when it comes to releasing newly designed beyblades. People build a preference after some initial trials with either Takara Tomy or Hasbro beyblades. There might be many reasons for choosing either Takara Tomy or Hasbro, but whatever your reasons are, I suggest you try out couple from each type when you are starting out to play with beyblade.

One warning here – there are several other companies which make replica of beyblades; please verify brand name from product pictures (shown below); if you are not sure, always ensure to ask before purchasing. These “fake” beyblades lack any quality and may get damaged very easily. Also, some manufacturers do not disclose the materials they are using. Again if you want to try out beyblades which are not Takara Tomy or Hasbro, just be aware of this quality risk.



Forge Disk vs Chassis

Burst system, introduced in 2017 by Takara Tomy, is the most popular beyblade system right now. These beys are designed such that the top piece (layer) may separate from the bey if sustained enough hits. Hence, if you search for beyblades, you will see quite a few “Beyblade Burst” results.  All Hasbro beyblades have just the three parts described above – Layer, Forge disk and tip. However, some Takara Tomy beyblades, referred to as Sparking Beys, have chassis instead of forge disk. Below picture show the difference between forge disk and chassis.

Chassis basically has solid plastic fused with the metal piece to prevent slowing the beyblade down during a battle. Also, most of these sparking beyblades come with burst locker/burst clicks, which is a basically hook type mechanism and prevent the beyblade from bursting easily. Note that Hasbro doesn’t make any beyblade with chassis as of yet. If you are going to a beyblade tournament, please ensure to read the rules about which beyblade types are allowed as some sparking beys may be restricted to enter some competitions.


Beyblade Weight

Usually Takara Tomy beyblades are heavier than that of Hasbro ones. Below is a comparison between Hasbro Drain Fafnir vs Takara Tomy Drain Fafnir. Note that I used the same forge disk for both of them.



Now these are with forge disk. If you compare beyblades with forge disk vs chassis, it’s a whole different story. Beyblade with chassis is quite a bit heavier compared to beyblades with forge disk. Below picture compares drain Fafnir (forge disk – Hasbro & Takara Tomy) vs Mirage Fafnir (Chassis – Takara Tomy). Weight has an huge impact for a beyblade battle - heavier beys have a lot more power as well as stamina. It would be rare, if not impossible, for a non-sparking beyblade to defeat a sparking beyblade in a battle. This is probably the most important reason for my bias towards Takara Tomy.



Launchers & Stadiums

The launchers in most cases are not interchangeable between Takara Tomy and Hasbro, although most kids I know want to use whatever launchers are available to them. When it comes to stadiums or battle arena, I prefer (again a little bias) Hasbro due to their more attractive design.

Hasbro stadiums have more curves and slots and are designed to allow beyblades to rise the wall. A picture of Hasbro Speedstorm beystadium is shown below. Takara Tomy also has some uniquely designed stadiums to provide some extra excitement during battle; for example, this limit break Dx set is designed to have extra collisions at the center and special slot out finish for beyblade battles. Although little details matter for tournaments, for general use of the beyblade battles any stadium is fine.


 Some Fun Videos

If you are wondering, who will win among Hasbro and Takara Tomy in a head to head battle, please check out this video for Drain Fafnir - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNFXR9vfaW4

If you want to know why sparking beyblades are so much fun, check out this battle between Super Hyperion and Mirage Fafnir (Both from Takara Tomy) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAsJybzixpI

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