How to Choose Your First Beyblade?

How to Choose Your First Beyblade?
Although there are several blogs about Beyblades, most of them are not useful for beginners when you are trying to decide what Beyblades you should buy for yourself or your kids. You will notice words like "Beyblade BURST", "Beyblade BURST Rise", "Beyblade BURST Evolution" and a lot of mumbo jumbo which may not make sense if you are interested in learning the basics. This article basically breaks down how you can decide your first Beyblade.

Brands and Types of Beyblades

There are two major Beyblade manufacturers - Takara Tomy and Hasbro. There are other cheaper options and you can check them out here. There are 3 primary kinds of Beyblades - Attack, Stamina and Defense. There is another type of Beyblade called "Balance", which basically has combination of any 2 features among "Attack", "Stamina" and "Defense".

Beyblade Battle Basics

Usually, the beyblades are designed in a way that one kind of Beyblade doesn't always win in a battle. Note that battle here refers to two or more beyblades fighting against each other in a beyblade stadium. For example, "Attack" beyblades are designed to win against "Stamina" Beyblades, "Defense" beyblades win against "Attack" and "Stamina" beyblades win against "Defense". The above described scenario is a simple generalization but actual battle results will vary depending on the beyblades you choose.


 Types Of Beyblades

"Attack" Beyblades are fun to watch in a battle as they go around the stadium (because of their design - but more on that in a different article) and come to the center to attack the opponents. So if you are using two attack Beyblades in a battle, the Beyblades may chase each other around the edge of the stadium after the initial contact for some time before coming in contact again. Example of attack Beyblades are all "Valkyrie", "Xcalibur" and "Hyperion" Beyblades.

"Stamina" Beyblades usually spin at the center of the stadium and are not that exciting to watch as "Attack" Beyblades. However, this boring behavior is their best weapon. Although usually "Stamina" beyblades will lose against "Attack" Beyblades, a battle between "Stamina" beyblade Mirage Fafnir and "Attack" beyblade Brave Valkyrie is worth watching and the result may surprise you.

Other examples of "Stamina" Beyblades are all "Fafnir" and "Scythe Kronus". Moving onto "Defense" Beyblade - these beyblades usually move around near the center of the stadium but not as confined as "Stamina" Beyblades. A battle between "Attack" beyblade, such as any Valkyrie, and "Defense" Beyblades, such as "King Helios" can be super exciting for kids due to the high number of touches between the beyblades during the battle and possible knock outs. 

Final Words

While choosing Beyblades, you will need remember one more thing. Most beyblades are right spin. However, some beyblades are left spin. If a beyblade doesn't include a launcher, you may need to purchase an additional launcher. Results in a battle will vary widely depending on not only which Beyblade you choose but also your launcher. I have added a table with some examples of different types of Beyblades below.


In summary, you may consider buying 2 or 3 kinds of beyblades among "Attack", "Defense", "Stamina" and "Balance" beyblades to try out, a stadium and launchers if your beyblades don't come with one, to get your or your kids' beyblade journey started. Have fun!

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